Sunday, August 15, 2010


Majlis Berbuka Puasa bersama Ham ( Amateur RadiO )

* Masjid Pekan Air Panas, Labis -> 20 Ogos 2010 ( FRI )
* Rumah Anak Yatim Yakin Malaysia, Tampin -> 21 Ogos 2010 ( SAT )
* Masjid Nurul Mutaqin ,Kg Ulu Pulai, Gelang Patah -> 25 Ogos 2010 ( Wed )
* Mesjid Pt No.7 Parit No.6,Jalan Yusof, Semerah, Muar -> 01 Sep 2010
( Wed )

1. Main event would be at the Rumah Anak Yatim Yakin Malaysia in Tampin. There are 30 unfortunate girls living there. They do not have a proper library and computer room. Some donated them a construction site cabin which they plan to convert into a library and computer room. All of you out there, if you have any books laying around, that you do not need or read anymore, or if you have a usable computer that you think its outdated for you... please donate them to this orphanage. So far, confirmed hams coming are from Johor, Kuantan and Negeri Sembilan.
I visited them and saw that they only have 2 racks for books!
Even if you have sofa sets that you do not want to use anymore, please donate them to this orphanage. but make sure they are usable.

We plan to buy Raya clothes for the children. There are 30 of them. All girls ranging from primary school to Form 5 girls. The funds that was sponsored for this event, part of it will be used to buy Raya clothes, but I don't think it would be enough. So if any of you Good Samaritans out there who wish to donate, please contact

All help will be appreciated.

Anyone who wish to join any of these venues, please inform 9W2AXE at or 9W2PCK at

thank you.


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